What Are the Side Effects of Adderall?

A lot of people take Adderall for attention deficit problems and related conditions. It can work very well to help children focus. Also, adults use it who have the same types of problems with their attention span. But the side effects of Adderall can be serious if individuals fail to take it properly. It’s a controlled substance, meaning it’s not possible to get a prescription refilled early, and not every doctor will prescribe it quickly or easily. Generally, we try other ways of helping someone become more focused first. If you’re finding that an Adderall addiction is an issue, Crestview Recovery is here and ready to help you.

The Side Effects of Adderall Can Include Addiction

While people think of the side effects of Adderall as including things like being jittery, having too much energy, staying up all night, and related “up” behaviors, they may not realize that Adderall can also become very addictive. People who take too much Adderall can also increase their heart rate and breathing, and can eventually cause damage to their internal organs and brain chemistry. For those who are struggling with addiction to Adderall, getting help is the first step toward a future that’s free of addiction. Living a clean and sober life is possible, even if addiction has been a problem for some time.

To get past an Adderall addiction, the first step is to reach out for help. That’s not always easy, because it can be very difficult to admit that there’s a problem and to ask for help. But we’re here to provide support, guidance, and treatment for people who are battling an addiction to all kinds of different substances. We have master level therapists and caring, professional staff at our facility in Portland, Oregon, who are focused on making sure all our clients get the kind of help and hope they’re looking for on their journey to a full and lasting recovery.

With Therapy for Addiction, You Can Get the Right Help

Getting the right help matters, and the options for treatment in the Pacific Northwest are limited. We work hard to fill that gap, and our clients come from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. We have insurance-based payment and work with men and women who are 18 and older. With a 30-bed facility, we can help many people realize their dreams and move past their issues with addiction. Our commitment is always to the people who come to us for help. Because of that, we offer several different options for treatment and support. These options include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Dual diagnosis therapy
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Aftercare
  • Extended care (90-day program)

When you come to us for care, you can get healthy again in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We offer snowboarding and skiing in the winter months, and white water rafting in warmer weather. You can also expect the quality treatment that comes with our accreditation from the Joint Commission, so you can feel secure in your choice of treatment facilities. We know you want to get better, and we’re committed to making sure you have the ability and the opportunity to live a life in recovery. The side effects of Adderall don’t have to become a problem for you any longer when you have us to help you succeed.

Get Help From Us at Crestview Recovery

Don’t give in to addiction and let it take over any more of your life. You have the opportunity to overcome your addiction when you go to a quality drug treatment facility like ours. Reach out to us today at 866.262.0531, and we’ll get you started down the path that leads to clean and sober living. A full recovery is possible, and you have the chance to get it by working with us and seeing all we can offer to you. There’s no need to be controlled by addiction when you can take back control of your future and do all the things that you wanted to do before addiction got in the way. Don’t let any more of your life slip away when we can help you get it back today.

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