Treatment for Heroin Addiction: Does It Work?

Heroin’s an illicit street drug. It’s also an opiate with high addiction potential. If you’re struggling with dependence on this drug, it can seem hopeless. In reality, high-quality treatment for heroin addiction works.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction’s a chronic disease of the brain. It manifests in cravings for a chemical. This drug quickly becomes the focal point of your life. Soon, you’ll do anything for the next fix.

Your heroin addiction may have started as a dependence on opioid painkillers. When you started taking the drug, you noticed that it seemed to make your problems go away for a while. Because heroin depresses the nervous system, it has substantial sedative effects. You liked that.

Fast forward to today. You’re now thinking about finding treatment for heroin addiction. The drug that promised temporary freedom from problems turned on you. Addiction’s slowly killing you, which is why you need a heroin rehab center in Tampa, FL.

Finding High-Quality Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Tampa addiction treatment centers specialize in working with people like you. Therapists there understand that you need help with the illness. Since addiction’s a disease, it requires the intervention of experts to help you heal. Typically, they use treatments that might include:

When undergoing treatment for heroin addiction, the goal is to help you find out what needs the drug fulfilled. By combining a few different therapeutic approaches, you have the opportunity to explore possibilities. For example, the dual diagnosis assessment helps some program participants who never received a formal diagnosis of mental health disorders. Others may not realize that there’s dysfunction in their relationships until they undergo therapy.

What are the Odds of Getting and Staying Clean?

Finding an accurate heroin recovery rate statistic is difficult. Only a small percentage of people in need of treatment will get it. Of these, only some enroll in rehab under their actual names, which makes tracking difficult. Moreover, addiction recovery comes with relapse potential.

It’s impossible to gauge how many people – of those who sought help – will relapse. Some enroll in rehab centers that don’t have relapse programs. When they return to treatment, statistics count them as new enrollees. That said, when you participate in rehab, you have a good chance of getting clean.

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