3 Benefits of Teen Addiction Treatment Programs

Not all Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs are created equal. What works for adults is not necessarily what will work for teens. Adolescent-focused rehab programs have a high success rate. We design all our services, from detox to counseling and group support, specifically to this age group. In a teen rehab program, medical and wellness professionals understand that teens are still developing their bodies and minds. Thus, drug and alcohol abuse have a range of unique consequences for this group. Your teen needs to have access to an addiction treatment program that is age-appropriate and individualized, to improve the chances of achieving lasting sobriety.

At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC), our teen rehab staff is ready to walk you through the first steps for admission or answer your questions. We treat teens over the age of 18 for a range of addictions. To learn about our services, reach out using our online form or pick up the phone and dial 844.442.8673.

3 Benefits of Teen Addiction Treatment

A program designed to usher adolescents through their drug or alcohol rehabilitation is beneficial in numerous ways. Here are three top benefits:

Developmental Appropriateness

The risks of drug addiction are different for young people. During detox and rehab, the processes that occur in their developing brains need to be understood by those who provide therapeutic, medical, and supportive care to this age group.

Family Involvement

Ongoing recovery is only possible for teenagers if the families they return after treatment are on board, educated, and fully engaged in the process. A family may want to participate directly in counseling sessions or participate in their own therapeutic process to support their addicted family member better. The goal is to improve and maintain relationships and foster open communication.

Fostering Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem is a common underlying factor as well as a common consequence of teen addiction. Programs geared toward this age group include numerous ways to build confidence within a safe environment. One way this happens is to provide the opportunity to continue their education and avoid the stress and perceived shame of falling behind academically. Their rehab may include participation in certain challenges, team building, and trust activities. A teen-centered rehab program will provide opportunities to gain the inner strength and confidence needed to maintain sobriety and live fully.

How Common Is Addiction in Teens?

Today in the United States, teens have access to many more addictive substances than at any other time in our history. Some numbers of interest include the fact that 9% of adolescents use or abuse alcohol. Furthermore, between 1% and 2% of teens misuse prescription stimulants or prescription sedatives. Additionally, nearly 3% misuse prescription painkillers and opioids. Teen addiction treatment offers definite benefits to this age group as they struggle with substance abuse. Could your son or daughter could benefit from our treatment programs? Please reach out to Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge today to find out.

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Drug and alcohol use doesn’t have to control your teen any longer. With the help of our Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge, your teen can overcome their substance use and move into a better and brighter future. We offer a range of addiction treatment programs, including:

At our Teen addiction treatment center, we have staff ready to assist your teen through rehab. We offer teens evidence-based, age-appropriate, individualized addiction treatment. They will take the time to explain what that looks like, answer your questions, and help you take the first steps. Just call us, any time, at 844.442.8673 or use our online form to contact us.

Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge This article is written by the experts at Adult and Teen Challenge PA, a faith-based treatment program that began  in 1962 as a way to help those young people and adults who struggle with addiction get the help they need.